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Many Aspects and "Yep, I am weird"

January 9, 2019

Facets of Joy.jpg

I am one, I am many.


When I was exposed to this idea in my yoga therapist training, I thought this idea was weird.  It’s strange to be many aspects, many personalities.  A family of individuals within myself.

Bessel Van Der Kolk, in his informative book, “The Body Keeps the Score” describes many aspects as follows;


"We all have parts.  Right now a part of me feels like taking a nap; another part of me wants to keep writing.  Still feeling injured by offensive e-mail message, a part of me wants to hit “reply” on a stinging put-down, while a difference part of me wants to shrug it off….


When you walk into the office in the morning and see the storm clouds over you boss’s head, you know precisely what is coming.  That angry part has a characteristic tone of voice, vocabulary, and body posture – so different from yesterday, when you shared pictures of your kids.  Parts are not just feelings but distinct ways of being, with their own beliefs, agendas, and roles in the overall ecology of our lives.


How well we get along with ourselves depends largely on our internal leadership skills – how well we listen to our different parts, make sure they feel taken care of, and keep them from sabotaging one another.”


I am learning to embrace weird, and strange.  “Yes, I am weird.” Because I’d rather be free and authentic in this world than divorced from who I really am.


For me this is deeply true, but not fully true.  Part of me would be rather aim for acceptance and being liked, yet I have traveled that road and found it left me feeling alone.  I can’t really connect with others if I don’t even let them see me.


Part of me aches and drives for freedom, bravery, the wild, the true.  Part of me desperately hides my weirdness, jumps to quickly fit in, edits me, and enforces cultural norms.


These are just two of my parts, there are many.  Many ways to interact with the world.  Many strengths and weaknesses.


Getting to know myself through parts opens doors.  I am not simply Jennelle, there are many possibilities…


It begs the question what possibilities are awaiting you?

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