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My belly - It's been a journey

May 7, 2019


I have been ashamed of my belly for years.  As a child I lay in my bed at night and pressed my stuffy up to against me hoping the pressure would make my belly smaller.

Holding my belly in, I shifted my breath from deep, calming breath, to shallow, anxious breath up in my chest.

I focused on being smaller than I was, thinking I wasn't good enough as I was.  It brings tears to my eyes that I started acting on the belief that I wasn't enough when I was six years old.

Shame.  Forcing myself to be different.  To be someone else, blinds me to the truth.

Let's see it more clearly now.  Feel what it is to be in this body.

My belly is my guiding compass, it has butterflies or feels full of fire when I am unsure of something or someone.

It is my centre, my entire life began here, I grew attached to my mother by my umbilical cord.
It is my power centre, there so much passion, energy and drive that is rooted in my belly.

I reminded of the big Buddha belly.  Beautiful, full of love, compassionate.  A different version of beauty than I see on magazines as I stand waiting to pay for my groceries.

When I am in a difficult situation, I bring my focus low in my belly, I deepen my breath.  My belly is my access to grounding, to wisdom, to power.

My baby grew in my belly.  That simple statement, is enough to logically warrant lifelong belly love.

A few years ago I got a belly button ring to remind me of the beauty and the strength of my centre. 

My belly is soft, it has a pillow of fat.

I am practicing loving myself, loving my body.  When I love myself unconditionally, I see more clearly, feel more fully, and I am in fertile soil to grow.

Perhaps you also yearn to feel at home, okay in your own skin.

To support you in this homecoming journey, I have a few wonderful offerings built from collaborations with other woman in Saskatoon that also believe all bodies are good bodies coming up...


Click here to learn more about the upcoming group offerings...

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