What do you hear when I say, "You are sacred"?

Oct 16, 2019

The sacred feels like the essence of my work, my passion, this life.


Yet, I feel as though it’s a word I must whisper or not say at all.

What would happen if I shout to the mountain tops?  “You are sacred!  This life is sacred!”

What would you hear if I said that?

The land of words is tricky.  They divide our experience, our understanding of the world into bits and pieces.  Each of us associate our own unique feelings, words, images to a word.  What you hear and I hear varies.


When I shout so loud it turns my throat raw or even whisper on my breath that you are sacred.


I am saying that you are worthy of love.  You are part of this world and you matter.  You deserve to be treated with kindness, compassion, and respect.  You are part of this world, and each being, each molecule in this world is precious.

That is what I mean when I say that you and this life is sacred.  However, what I really mean lies beneath the curtain of words.  Beyond piece-mealing the world out into pieces and defining it.


The embodied, being in your body, experience is a path to experience your vast worth.  A path to experience that you are sacred, beyond the word sacred.


Please know that this blog is a pulling back the curtain to see what is foundational to my perspective as I facilitate yoga therapy private and group offerings.  You are welcome to come to offerings for purely physical reasons, for emotional reasons, for mental reasons, or for spiritual reasons.  Each of these motivations are equally valid reasons.


The yogic view is these are all connected, you don’t need to believe this, but you just may find yourself experiencing it.


Jennelle Dodd, B.Sc.

Yoga Teacher

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