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Private Sessions with Jennelle

This work can be engaged either in-person or online.

There is unique value to either way.

Spacy Office

There is something so relevant and rich about engaging in a private session online and in

your living space.

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Private Sessions - The what, why, and how...
Be in your moment

To live authentically and fully meet life we need to be choose being present.  This is mindfulness.

For most of us, most of the time our minds are in default mode, strategizing for the future or ruminating about the past.  This part of us is necessary and useful, but when we are stuck in this default mode, its as though there is a dirty windshield separating us from our lives.  When we are in a present moment experience, our windshield clears and we feel alive, empowered, and can choose appropriately, instead of out of habit and assumption.


Be in your body

A Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session is one-on-one and supports you to be in the present moment by drawing your attention into your body through guided breath and awareness, movement, assisted and hands on postures, and dialogue.


Our bodies are connected to the entire rich tapestry that makes up who we are.  Yoga translates as “union”, and foundational within yoga is the connection of our bodies with our feelings, thoughts, memories, beliefs, and spirit.

Sometimes we stop truly listening to our bodies because what it has to say is inconvenient or painful.  We may unconsciously believe that ignoring the body protects us, but in the same action we orphan off an essential aspect of ourselves.

By returning to your body, you return to your wholeness.


Listening to yourself

“As no one else knows how we perceive, we are the best experts on ourselves.” - Carl Rogers

The dialogue aspect in a Phoenix Rising session is built from the work of psychologist Carl Rogers, the father of client-centred therapy and empathetic listening.  Throughout the session you will be encouraged to share whatever you are aware of with the yoga therapist, who will listen without judgement or analysis and reflect back what the you stated.  My objective is to hold an open, accepting space where you are truly heard and seen.  This is a stepping stone for you to ultimately become more compassionate and present to yourself.


To heal, to change, to meet life

Through mindful body-based experience and empathetic listening this work supports the uncovering of your innate capacity to adapt, heal, and live your life with authenticity and agency.

The session ends with time for the client to reflect back on the session, and out of this they are guided to create an action to bring what was found to be important in their session, into their life.


We are all on a journey, and no path is the same

Receiving a yoga therapy session does not require that you have experience in yoga, or that you relate to all or even some of what I stated above. 

This work is adapted to meet the client and only requires openness and curiosity.

Clients have found receiving this work effective for

Mental Health- anxiety, depression, trauma

Stress management

Moving through life's transitions (relationships, disease, parenthood, employment, etc.)

Reducing and/or relieving chronic pain and tension

Living with authenticity, empowerment, and from your inner compass.

For Pricing and other Frequently Asked Questions...

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