Cultivate the ability to be present.

A way to engage that supports

processing and healing from life hurts 

and moves you into growth.

I specialize in mental wellness and chronic pain.

Your body holds your unconscious wisdom.

A doorway to your wholeness.

Curious and wondering where to begin?

It's complementary for new clients. 
Yoga Therapy - Privates and Groups

Private yoga therapy offered

both online and in-person.

Nourish yourself as you

connect with community...

About Jennelle

I am a mother, and I was always meant to be a mother. 

The yoga therapy I offer

feels like the essence of mothering to me.   


By that I mean, a mother wishes that her child grows to become an authentic, empowered, whole person, and that is what this work supports the client to uncover from within themselves.

Let's connect

The yoga therapy I offer is experiential.

To honour this, I offer complementary Discovery Experiences. 

One-on-One and Online.

Whether you are considering engaging in yoga therapy yourself or you are a health professional wondering if this work is a complementary support for your clients this offering is for you.

Also, you are welcome to...

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