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remember your wholeness


Our inherent capacity and wholeness is like a braid.  A braid draws its strength from the weaving together of stands.


Strands available to each of us include our mind, emotions, body, energy, soul/spirit, and relationships/community.

Many of us are overly reliant on our rational and reasoning mind, and in turn disconnected from other essential aspects that bring us perspective, meaning, and balance.  This may show up as stress, loneliness, perfectionism, anxiety, or physical tension.

I support you in remembering and experiencing how powerful and

sacred you are.

Connect with your body, the present moment,

and its amazing what can arise.

You are wise.  You are whole.  You are enough.

If you are willing to explore turning to yourself, your body for renewal;

please consider booking a Complementary Discovery Experience

Discover if this type of Yoga Therapy and working with me feels like a fit.


Jennelle's presence is very grounded and authentic.


Her mindful, caring and intuitive approach is anchored in her deep knowledge and understanding of the relationship of body-mind-emotion.


Simply being in her presence provides a sense of safety in which healing and deeper explorations can begin to naturally arise.

I was always impressed how much better I felt after each session, in regards to reducing anxiety or tension.


I kept realizing that I can become more in tune with myself to gain strength, heal and find inner wisdom.

It was just what I needed - stretching, flexibility and balance.   As a 58 yr old newcomer to yoga I was worried I couldn’t do it. There was no pressure to keep up or be competitive, very accommodating to a beginner.

That I am capable of more than I give myself credit for, and some days the hardest thing is just showing up and that is enough.

- Sonia Potie
- Michelle Sutton
- Michelle
Yoga Therapy - Privates and Groups

Private yoga therapy offered

both online and in-person.

Nourish yourself as you

connect with community...

About Jennelle

I am a mother, and I was always meant to be a mother. 

The yoga therapy I offer

feels like the essence of mothering to me.   


By that I mean, a mother wishes that her child grows to become an authentic, empowered, whole person, and that is what this work supports the client to uncover from within themselves.

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Let's connect
The yoga therapy I offer is experiential.

To honour this, I offer complementary Discovery Experiences.

Whether you are considering engaging in yoga therapy yourself or you are a health professional wondering if this work is a complementary support for your clients this offering is for you.

Also, you are welcome to...

Know you are empowered to unsubscribe at anytime.

 Please follow what feels right to you.

Also find me on Facebook & Instagram @JennelleDoddYT

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