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Sept 29, 2020


The openness and the ease of uncertainty. 


These perhaps aren't qualities you relate with uncertainty.

Then again, think of a game you like to play. 

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My belly - It's been a journey

May 7, 2019


I have been ashamed of my belly for years.  As a child I lay in my bed at night and pressed my stuffy up to against me hoping the pressure would make my belly smaller.

Holding my belly in, I shifted my breath from deep, calming breath, to shallow, anxious breath up in my chest.

I focused on being smaller than I was, thinking I wasn't good enough as I was.  It brings tears to my eyes that I started acting on the belief that I wasn't enough when I was six years old.

Shame.  Forcing myself to be different.  To be someone else, blinds me to the truth.

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Many Aspects and

"Yep, I am weird"

January 9, 2019

Facets of Joy.jpg

I am one, I am many.


When I was exposed to this idea in my yoga therapist training, I thought this idea was weird.  It’s strange to be many aspects, many personalities.  A family of individuals within myself.

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What would you hear if I said, "You are sacred"?

Oct 16, 2019


The sacred feels like the essence of my work, my passion, this life.


Yet, I feel as though it’s a word I must whisper or not say at all.

What would happen if I shout to the mountain tops?  “You are sacred!  This life is sacred!”

What would you hear if I said that?

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Where the "Magic" Happens

March 28, 2019

Go find yourself..png

Clients come in for a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session, with pain in their back or hip, and part-way through the session they often they arrive in a mental and emotional state where “magic” happens and the pain dissipates.  How is this possible?

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