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Frequently asked questions about Yoga Therapy...

  • What does a Yoga Therapy session look like?
    Below is a video of a what a session could like. However, each session is unique to meet each client on that day. My session space is setup with a soft mat on the floor with chairs handy. If you needs are different than this, let's talk.
  • Do I need to have done yoga to do this?
    No previous yoga experience is required. Receiving this work is open to anyone who has a body and is breathing.
  • What do your sessions cost? / What do I use for payment?
    Single session = $75 I recommend a series of sessions, and to support this I offer package pricing. Package of 4 Sessions = $250 If you are a new client, I do offer a complementary 30min discovery experience to get a sense of me and this work. Each session is 1 hour and is one-on-one. All prices include tax. Cash, cheque, and e-transfer are accepted.
  • I have an injury, should I wait until its healed before coming to a session?"
    Once you have received the neccessary medical attention... please come as you are, with your injuries, with your imperfections. For instance, with your arm in a caste, or with your low back pain. That is the beauty of especially the one-on-one sessions. I meet you where you and your body are and modify the postures accordingly. Sometimes the sessions are purely restorative and support you in engaging your parasympathetic (rest/restore) nervous system, which is ideal for when healing is needed. That being said, in the case of an injury it is helpful to know what your medicial professionals (doctor, physical therapist, pyschologist, etc.) advise in terms of what is appropriate for you. This information can be provided by you or with your permission I can consult with the professionals you are working with.
  • How have your sessions changed because of COVID-19?
    Firstly, since covid, I am now comfortable offering and really see the benefits of offering online private sessions and classes. At this time I am comfortable offering in-person sessions without a mask, but am happy to wear a mask if that is requested by the client. Any questions or concerns, please ask.
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